Bikes for Brazil

Bikes for Brazil was born following a flight to Rio de Janeiro in September 2019 while I was a Boeing 787 Captain. I took my BMX to check out some of the best skateparks in the world with vert bowls dating back to the 70s, all framed by the views of Copacabana beach, and Christ the Redeemer.

I rode the spots and noticed there was nobody there, hardly any skaters, hardly any BMX riders. I discovered that bikes and boards are really expensive in Brazil and young riders from the ‘Favelas’ constantly struggle to get bikes and parts.

SBR Rocinha is a volunteer-run Skate, Bike and Roller club that has a secure facility in one of the toughest slum areas in the world. The club was blown away as I brought them amazing bikes donated by us and our incredible BMX brotherhood worldwide. Each time I flew back to Rio, I carried one or two bikes to donate. 

Keep an eye on the BMX and Skate athletes of tomorrow, the scene in Brazil is AWESOME!