Passion about bikes and Riding

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than enabling anyone to find the right bike, that they love to ride to new horizons! 

Committed to quality, personal attention, old school 'customer service' and  value for money.  Safety, comfort, rider confidence and rider development are cornerstones of our business.  The right bike, sized, fitted, built, charged and ready to ride.


We demonstrate commitment to sustainability and the environment with our cleaning, packaging, disposal and recycling policies.

Established in Spring 2020.  Following the demise of the Airline industry and his role as an Airline Training Captain and Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pilot,  Captain Derek got to bring forward his plans for opening a high quality, destination bicycle shop.

We share a love of BIKE RIDING, BMX Freestyle, BIKE DESIGN and anything Rad with wheels (and Wings!)

Located in West Sussex UK, The Wheelhouse is built within its own 43ft BMX Ramp, possibly the ‘Raddest’ location we could wish for.

”Share the passion, live in the moment and join us in the joy of THE RIDE.”                                                                           


Our Team

Derek and Meriel Spicer are the husband and wife team at the heart of Wheelhouse Bikes.  Riders and collectors for many years, Derek started as a sponsored BMX Freestyle rider with Haro and Raleigh in the 1980s, and never stopped riding, building, and customising bikes throughout his aviation career.  As he travelled regularly to the USA, Far East and Australia, he continued his relationship with pro-riders and bike industry leaders worldwide, maintaining friendships and building relationships with brands who now supply Wheelhouse Bikes.

For the last ten years Derek has been working with brands as both a rider and ambassador and continues to use his Aviation and Military training experience to enable, mentor and support the growth of riders in the sport and leisure pursuits.

Wheelhouse Bikes seeks to supply, support and maintain bikes for customers who want to be treated properly as riders, without the intimidating experience some bike shops tend to create.  We seek to understand the needs of every rider, and work with customers to ensure they get the best products and great value.  

We enable those who have never ridden or are returning to riding with confidence, safety and wellbeing always in mind.


"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort."  John Ruskin - English writer and art critic (1819 - 1900)

"Live life to die happy"  Mat Hoffman - BMX Freestyle Immortal & Hall of Fame Pro Rider

"Ride BMX and be happy you will"  Master Yoda (Probably not)

"Shut up legs!"  Anon Rider

"I have too many bikes!"  Quote taken from no cyclist........ever!