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The Carapax 2.0 from Alpina is at home on the trails. With the revised version of the successful model, you always make the right choice off-road. Whether uphill or downhill. It is an all-rounder in the off-road area and belongs to the lightest Enduro models on the market. 

The Ergo Flex Run System ensures maximum comfort and safety. The adaptation system impresses with its filigree construction and fixes the helmet evenly to the head 360 degrees around. A bicycle helmet cannot be fitted more individually, smoothly or comfortably. A further plus for comfort: the removable padding. With it you always have a pleasant wearing feeling - no matter how wild it gets in the terrain. 

The low weight of the Carapax 2.0 is due to the Inmold production, in which the upper shell is thermally connected to the Hi-EPS. This results in a firm surface connection, which is responsible for a very stable construction. The lower edge of the helmet is protected by the additional Edge Protect polycarbonate shell. 

Thanks to the seamless connection, it nestles seamlessly to the top shell. For maximum safety on rough trails, the rear and temples are further down. The result is an even larger head cover. Large ventilation openings allow optimum ventilation, fly screens keep insects away from the head, the height-adjustable shield guarantees optimum protection in the field of vision.

Run System Ergo Flex
The Run System allows the size of all Alpina helmets to be individually adjusted using a smooth-running rotating wheel. The Ergo Flex Run System is Alpina's lightest and most comfortable fitting system. The filigree construction nestles evenly to the head and thus increases protection. The Ergo Flex Run System can be adjusted via a fine grid - a helmet cannot be adjusted more individually, smoothly or comfortably.

A helmet can only provide the best possible protection if it remains in the optimum position in the event of an impact. The adjustment and fixation of the two straps under the ear plays a decisive role. The Y-Clip system guarantees millimetre-precise adjustment - in a matter of seconds.

Edge Protect
Edge Protect is an additional polycarbonate sheet that refines Inmold helmets. It covers edges on the underside of the helmet. This protects the Hi-EPS and increases the longevity of the helmet. At the same time, the neck and shoulder area of the rider is protected against injuries from the helmet in the event of an impact and contact with the lower edge of the helmet.

Proven hundreds of thousands of times and used on all Alpina helmets: the belt buckle with the red push button and multi-stage automatic snap-in mechanism. Ergomatic can be operated with one hand - you can loosen the strap uphill, tighten it downhill - and in the event of a fall it is not possible for the locking mechanism to open automatically.

Airflow Vents
One factor that strongly influences the wearing comfort is the ventilation of the helmet. The strategically sensible arrangement of the ventilation openings is decisive for optimum ventilation of the interior. The air is directed into the interior, directed along the head and can then flow out again at the rear. The head is therefore always pleasantly air-conditioned.

The inner shell of all Alpina helmets is made of Hi-EPS (High Expanded Polystyrol). The material has microscopically small air chambers which absorb the forces acting on the helmet in the event of an impact. Hi-EPS provides optimum protection and at the same time enables extra-thin wall thicknesses and narrow helmet shapes.

In the Inmold production process, the polycarbonate helmet shell is thermally bonded to the Hi-EPS inner shell of the helmet body under great heat and pressure. This creates a large-area and inseparable connection between the upper and lower shell. Advantage: The helmet is very light and at the same time extremely stable.

Ceramic Shell
All Alpina helmets manufactured using the Inmold process receive a robust Ceramic Shell. A polycarbonate plate is stretched under high heat onto the shape of the later helmet and pressed under high pressure onto the Hi-EPS body and thermally connected to it. The Ceramic Shell is characterized by several qualities: It is break- and scratch-resistant, UV-stable and antistatic.

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