Fly Manual Springhangar Brake - Black



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Our Fly BMX Manual Springhanger brake is ingenious!

Replacing the springs normally found in the brake arms & making the straddle hanger a spring, Fly have created a very simple to install set of brakes that still retain adjustability, by simply separating the spring ends by hand. Most important is that the 'feel' of the brake is firmed up, with no losses in the stretch of an old straddle.

"The brake of choice for my own bike" - Capt. Derek


The Springhanger brakes also provide two sets of bolts, one to suit M6 removable thread & one to suit everything else. 

•  Black only 

•  Forged 6061-T6 Aluminium

•  Springhanger system 

•  Female bolts with SPS System pads 

•  Removable brake mount bolts system 

•  Weight:157 grams / 5.54 oz.