ETC TAURI 60 Lumen Smart Rear Light



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Intuitive, Brilliant and Simple!

60 Lumen Smart Rear Light with auto On/Off rear brake sensor. The clever accelerometer inside, detects a deceleration and increases the intensity of the light. 

Rather than using one or two LEDs for illumination, ETC has gone for COB (Chip on Board) technology where multiple LED chips are packaged together, 36 in total on the Tauri, which gives a uniform spread of output across the whole light face and quite a distinct, bright light to it. 

Brake light

The brake light function can be turned off, but its really effective. Sensors in the light detect when you have come to a sudden stop and it flashes, basically strobes at the higher 60-lumen brightness, until you set off again.

Motorists behind you might not realise that it is a brake light per se, but it certainly grabs attention to highlight that something has changed, especially if you were originally riding with it in the solid mode.

The sensors are also used to automatically switch the light on and off. If no movement is detected for one minute the ETC shuts down until it senses vibration, at which point it'll come back on in its previous mode.

Run-times and output

Using the flashing modes, you can achieve burn-times between 3hrs and 15hrs depending on the brightness. 


A  1.5-2hr charge via micro-USB

Rated to IPX6, the ETC should and does resist high pressure, heavy sprays of water. Riding in heavy downpours with no mudguards saw no issues with water ingress from the spray being relentlessly chucked up by the rear wheel.

Cleverly, the ETC has its charge point hidden behind a rubber cover at the rear of the light which is then surrounded by the mount for a bit of added protection.

Waterproof: IPX6

Light source: COB

Lumious Flux: 60 lumen

Battery: 3.7V 500mA

Charging Time: 1.5-2hrs

Burntime: 1.5 - 16 hours

Product Size: 41 x 33 x 23mm

Weight: 34g